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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Past Churches I

Doesn't this residence on McKinley look a bit strange for a house? Would it surprise you to learn that it was originally built as a church?
Here is the view from the side. The fenestration has a definite "churchy" appearance.

I asked a person who lives near this building what the history was. He told me that it was the previous home of the Apostolic Church that currently is on Franklin Street. However, the 1974 Rensselaer telephone book lists this address as the site of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There no longer is a branch of this denomination in Rensselaer.

After it ceased to be a church, there were efforts to convert it to a dentist office, but the dentist who was planning to move there decided he could make more money elsewhere. It was then converted into two apartments, and finally to a single family residence. Who knows what the future holds for it.

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Dianna said...

The 1958 City Directory lists a Seventh Day Advent church at 315 McKinley