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Friday, June 19, 2009

Story time

The Jasper County Public Library offers a wide variety of programs. On a recent Monday night I had a two-year-old toddler to entertain, so we went to toddler story time.

I have never looked carefully at the children's section of the library since I do not use it. The first thing my toddler noticed was the gold fish, which greatly excited him.
I thought the big tree was much more interesting.
In the back is a play area that my toddler liked a lot, but he could not stay long because the program was ready to start.
There were only five toddlers who attended this story time. They listened as a librarian read several kids books, all by the same author, and they even responded a bit to the questions the librarian asked. However, none was confident enough to be left without a parental unit in the room. That will change in a year or two.

After the librarian read the stories, it was time for a craft project. The toddlers were supposed to glue some shapes on a piece of paper. For my toddler glue was a new experience, and he needed a lot of help. All of them either randomly arranged the shapes on the paper, or had help from an adult. Kids have to start somewhere, and these kids are still on square one.
When my kids went to story time, it was in the old Carnegie building. The children's library was in the basement. One of the most popular items there was a carpeted bathtub. I do not remember much else about the old children's room, but my kids all seemed to have a good time there.

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Sheila said...

I remember the carpeted bathtub. One of my favorites as a child, too!