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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost a church

(I thought it would be interesting to use Sundays to focus on Rensselaer's churches and to see how many Sundays I can go before I run out of material. Indiana is richly endowed with religious denominations, with influences from North and South, East and West. This is part of that series of posts.)

North of town on U.S. 231 is a building that was intended to become a church, but has not. The sign in front said "Crown of Glory Worship Center." However, construction had stopped amid some legal issues that were reported in the Rensselaer Republican, but the article no longer available on the Internet. (I hope the link does not offend anyone--it was the only one I could find.)
The building had been used as an apartment building for many years, and before that it had been an office building, called, I believe, the Enterprise Building. It looked like a use as a church would have been an improvement on what had been there.

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