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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy day on Matheson

I start many days with a morning jog, and one of my favorite places to run is Matheson Street because it usually is quiet and peaceful, and also it has interesting plants growing along the road. But on Tuesday it was unusually busy.

North of the tracks a truck was parked next to the wood chip pile and someone was loading the truck. Instead of a conventional loader, it seemed that a bucket had been put onto a power lift. I missed getting a picture of this device in action. Either he had filled the truck or was making adjustments, and I did not have time to wait to see which it was.
A bit up the road a city crew was trimming trees.
When a branch was cut down, it was tossed into the shredder.
So much for quiet.
The reason they were trimming trees was to prepare the route for the water main crew, which is making steady progress. When I passed by, though, they were quiet.
Even machines need a drink now and then. Instead of going to a filling station, the station comes to the machine.
Still further north, on John Deere Road, there was a loader filling pickup trucks. I did not look carefully to see why they were doing that--I just assumed it had something to do with pipe construction.

It is fun to see something different out on Matheson, but I will also be happy when peace and tranquility return in two or three weeks.

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