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Friday, July 24, 2009

Community Theater

If you missed the Carnegie Player's production of South Pacific, you can still attend tonight or Saturday night.

South Pacific is one of the best plays by Rogers and Hamemerstein, and like all of their plays, it has a weak story but great music. The local production had solid performers in the main roles, and more important, it had people who could sing. I was especially impressed by Logan Torbet in a supporting role. He is only a high school junior, but has played a variety of roles over the past few years (he was a nun in 2007) and done them all well.

I did not have either a really good camera or a good seat, but I still took some pictures of the performance for this blog. Below the marines and sailors are interacting with Bloody Mary, who is a sharper trader than any of them.
Nurse Nellie Forbush is going to "Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair" in the scene below. She actually used real water in the shower scene.What production of World War II soldiers celebrating holidays is complete without someone in drag?
The Carnegie Players is a really good example of community theater in the U.S. It allows local people with an interest in acting to develop their skills. The performances draw from a surprisingly large pool of local talent--the casts are not the same from production to production. I am tempted to say, "Rensselaer's Got Talent."

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