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Friday, July 24, 2009

Inside the clock tower

About a week ago I received this e-mail:
[Your son] told me a couple of weeks ago that you have a blog where you take photos of interesting things around Rensselaer. I've been spending the summer working ... at the Jasper County Courthouse. While I was interning at the courthouse I was able to talk someone into letting me up into the clock tower. I took quite a few photos with my cell phone while I was up there. I thought you might like to see what I found up there. One photo is the view from the window just below the clock face and another is one of the spiral staircase leading to the top. Lastly there is one of the original Seth Thomas clock movement that is still in use but nowadays is wound with an electric motor (I'm a fan of old clock movements which is why I wanted to get up there so bad).
I asked him to send me his pictures. Below are some of what he sent.
I am not sure what is being shown in the pictures above and below, but they seem to be two views of the same pole.
Here are the circular stairs he mentioned.
He sent several pictures of the clock works, but I am only including one. I am not as big a fan of clock works as he is.
This apparently is the clock face from the inside. Looks like about 10:25, or am I reading it wrong?
This is the view from near the top of the tower. He also had some pictures from a much lower window, but the window was dirty so the pictures were blurry. This does not seem to have any glass in it.
I guess this is of rafters at the top.

Update: I was reading the clock face wrong. It was about 2:35.


flatbow said...

That's really neat! I'm guessing the pole in the first two pictures is the same one in the clocks-work photo that turns the clock gears.

Rensselaer is lucky to have such a fantastic courthouse building.

Anonymous said...

Thank you fro having a cell phone. Nice to see such a grand tower inside.