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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Past Churches II

The structure at 325 Warner Street now has apartments but it served for many years as a church for several different denominations. The Robinson's Directory for 1962 has it occupied by the First Baptist Church. The telephone directory for 1974 says that it was home to the Assembly of God, and the telephone directory of 1986 puts the new Iroquois Valley Church in it. (I do not know if the present First Baptist Church is the same group as once occupied this building.)
In front is a concrete slab, and if my memory is correct, there was once a bell here. I wonder where it is now.
I am sure there is a lot more history to his structure. If you know it, feel free to comment.

(Also, if you have really old telephone books (pre 1974) that you do not want, consider giving them to the public library. They are a useful reference, and the library does not have the collection that they should have.)

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