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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Past Churches III

One of Rensselaer's buildings that was built as a church and long served as a church is the building currently occupied by the Jasper County Historical Society.
The plaque in the front tells the story.
Jasper County Historical Society Headquarters and Museum
Built ca. 1882 by the Free Will Baptist Church on the northeast corner of Susan and Van Rensselaer Streets. Sold in 1902 to the Methodist Protestant Chruch and moved to the present site and in 1918 purchased by the Christian Science Society. Used until 1986 when, at the suggestion of Cordelia Stockton, and the remaining members, Wayne Hasselbring and Ora Kepne, the Society donated the building to the Jasper County Historical Society.

So this building was originally where Hal Gray Park is today, the northeast corner of Susan and Van Rensselaer.

The local decline in membership of Christian Science seems to have mirrored and somewhat preceded a national decline.

(Someone told me that there was once a Christian Scientist reading room where Janet's Kitchen is now. Do you remember that?)

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