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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open house for Steve's Specialized Services

Last week while I was driving up U.S. 231 (yes, it does happen), I noticed an upcoming open house for Steve's Specialized Services. It was in the building that had a face lift earlier this year, and in which a business renting lawn mowers had opened. When I passed by it doing other chores on Friday, I stopped in to see what was happening.
There was a lot of food but not too many visitors when I came by. They had hot dogs, but also barbecue pork sandwiches and potato salad set out in the large garage area (not pictured) behind the office (shown below).

I talked to the owner, Steve, and he said that he was moving his office for the construction business from the Laundry Room on Drexel Drive, which he also owns, to this building, which he had only recently purchased. I also asked him why he was called Steve's Specialized Services when his literature suggested he was pretty much a general contractor, doing a little bit of a whole lot of things. He answered that the name worked when he first started. I regret I did not ask him how the recession had affected his business, but I did not think of that question until I left.
One of the local radio stations was broadcasting from in front of the store.
I enjoyed my sandwich as I looked out at the riding lawnmowers that they were selling or renting, and at the riding lawnmowers across the street that Claussen Equipment was selling. When I had pointed out to him that there were already businesses selling riding lawnmowers, he said that his were less expensive.
Steve's Specialized Services has a website that tells more about the services they offer. The rental/sales business, Big Dog Rental and Sales, not only rents and sells lawnmowers, but a lot of other stuff, mostly tools and things used in construction. One of the things that caught my attention was party supplies: tents, tables, and folding chairs. I do not think anyone else in Rensselaer offers tents at present. I have seen a lot of rentals from Lafayette Tent and Awning, so maybe he can capture some of those rentals, at least for smaller events.

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