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Thursday, November 12, 2009

From market to market

This past Saturday featured a bunch of transitory markets. First, there was still one vendor left at the Farmers' Market. Will it be the last one or not?

Then the CDC flea market in the old Schumacher plant was in session. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies? I know people who bought them as an investment. The bunch below were available $1.00. That is not per Beanie, but for the whole lot.
A rule of thumb: whatever is sold as a collectable will never become a collectable. There may be exceptions, but not many.

Van Rensselaer Elementary School was hosting a the Van Rensselaer PTA Annual Fall Bazaar. The notice said it had over 100 booths. The big gym and little gym were full of vendors, and so were most of the hallways.
Some of the booths are hobby-businesses, people who are selling something part-time as a way of supplementing income. I wonder what percentage of the people do that in one way or another. There are probably a lot of interesting stories there.

At one of the entrances, a table had fliers announcing upcoming open houses. Included were:

Nov 8 1:00-5:00 Longs Gifts, Nov 8 125 Front Street (that one is history)

Nov 13 6pm-9pm, Nov 14 9am-3pm Upstairs Gallery 112 W Washington
Nov 13 9-5, Nov 14 9-5, Nov 15 11-5 Greens Antiques 3300 W Clark
Nov 13 8:30-8, Nov 14 8:30-4, Nov 15 12-5 Bags, Bangles, & Baskets 120 W Washington (bring a canned item for food panty and draw for a discount)
Nov 15 1-5 Rensselaer Moose Family Center N McKinley
Nov 20 3:30-8:30 Nov 21 9-3 Handcrafted Gifts and Art (3 artists) at Stunt Dawg Studio, 110 North Front
Dec 3 4-7 Christmas cookie sale/Chili Supper/Country Store First Presbyterian Church
Dec 4 11-6 "A Homespun Open House" Handmade items 1001 Scouts Bluff

Finally, there was a large auction at the armory. It had a good crowd, and there probably were many treasures there for the people with the time to wait and the skill to bid.

A couple of other open houses or specials that are from the paper:
Nov 14 11-3, County Market, Holiday Food Show
Nov 14 9-5, Nov 15 12-4 Brown's Garden & Floral Shop
 Feel free to add any I have missed in the comments.

Update: The Willow Switch, mentioned here, will have a grand opening Nov 20 (10-7) and Nov 21 (10-5).


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to have missed Long's open house. I was washing windows on that beautiful day. Keep up all of the visiting you do.

MorganG said...

Those Beanie Babies, those were my families. We gave them away to Jasper Junction after finding them in my grand parents house. It's cool seeing them on this. =]