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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Painting AutoZone

On Wednesday, Nov 4, there were workers pressure-washing old paint from the AutoZone building. If you had ever looked carefully at the building, you should have noticed that the paint was awful.
That afternoon they were busy painting it with an layer of white paint.
The next day they had wrapped the sign and the windows in plastic and were starting to apply the colored stripes that are part of the standard AutoZone paint job. The store wanted to make sure that people realized they were still open because with all the plastic, it looked like they were closed.
They used a power painter, and it sounded like the power painter I had used a couple of years ago to paint a fence. I had never used one before, nor had the Tom Sawyer who had conned me into doing the job. The paint head was not aligned correctly, and by the time I figured out how to fix it, I had wasted a lot of paint and made a spectacular mess. These painters were not amateurs like me--they knew what they were doing. The masking of the areas that they did not want to paint probably took as much time as the actual painting.
On Saturday they were applying the finishing touches.
The store looks a lot better with the new paint job. Hopefully it will last much better than the old paint did.

Update: I found this picture as I was looking through old pictures. It shows someone working on the AutoZone building back on October 1. You can see how bad the paint job was before the recent repainting.


Sheila said...

It looks MUCH better!

Desert Survivor said...

Your Tom Sawyer paint job is still appreciated!

Anonymous said...

And, did you notice the new storefront where the Chamber and Musch Studios were? Very, very good improvements were made to main street.