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Friday, November 6, 2009

Water and waste

Last weekend I was at an open house and got a chance to talk to the mayor, and of course I asked about various things happening around town. He said that the city was now pumping water from the new well north of town, and that the city would soon start work on a another well that will also be located north and west of Rensselaer.

For some reason, the other end of the pipeline came up. A contractor has been at work at the sewage plant doing renovations and expansion--the renovated plant will be able to handle 25% more waste water. I have not been out that way since June, so this week I made a return visit.
The plant has a sign saying that visitors need a permit, and the land outside the plant has no-trespassing signs on it. You feel unwelcome out there. Construction is continuing and there seems to be a new building that was not there in June.
Below is a better view of the building that I do not remember from past visits. Compare to the pictures here and here.
Will they have an open house to showcase the new work? Would anyone want to go if they did?

Being a mayor apparently means that you get to think a lot about water mains and sewage treatment. Is that enough for it to qualify as a dirty job?

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