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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot and busy Thursday

Some days you bump into a lot of things, some days you do not. Thursday was one of those lot-of-things days.

I was at St. Augustine's Thursday morning and peeked into the gym when one of the teachers there said that they were installing a new floor. They have not ripped up the old flooring, but are installing over it. My question was, "Would that not make the distance to the basketball hoops just a little shorter?" She thought that maybe they could adjust the hoops.
A few hours later I was on my way south on College and saw not only that the last piece of the school modules had been delivered but also that workmen were busily putting them together. (Notice that they have switched the bathroom unit.)
To move the modules so they fit together and could have blocks put under them, the workers used a funny looking machine. They would insert it under a module and it would lift,allowing them to slide the module around and get it to the proper height.I thought that they would remove the trailers that they were on, but the trailers are part of the unit. What they did remove were the wheels and the hitches on the fronts. Then they put in ordinary concrete blocks. I am not sure why this worker is drilling a hole. Maybe he is installing some sort of tie-down.

The plastic along the inside side of some modules was off, so I took a couple pictures of the interiors. They need to have flooring installed, but otherwise look pretty complete.
Below is the other half.
In the picture below they have almost finished. The two halves on the right need just a bit of a nudge to line up correctly.Across the street the Johnson Strawberry lady said Thursday was her last day. She was doing a steady business with both strawberries and peas.

Continuing south, I noticed roofers on the back of the bowling alley. With the heat and humidity, this had to be one of the worst jobs in Rensselaer.
I had noticed activity in the old Kentland Bank space, and today I noticed that a new sign was up. Rensselaer is getting another financial institution, First Trust Credit Union.
For reasons of my own, I was on the road heading west from SJC and as I was ready to turn around, I noticed what seemed to be a sign down at the end. Since few people travel that road, I had to go and see what the sign said.
The only place I could imagine having construction out that way was the sewage treatment plant. As I was approaching it, a city truck full of grass clippings passed me, went through the plant and continued on the road behind the plant. Until then I did not know what the city did with the grass clippings that they pick up.
I checked the city website and found the minutes for the May 26th city council meeting with this:
Murphy told council that they have been busy picking up brush. He has two guys off with worker’s comp injuries. We’ll be starting soon on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Project.
I tried to find more on the Internet, but was unsuccessful. Do any of you know more? (I suppose I could call someone important, but I would rather not.)


reMark said...

First Trust Credit Union is the credit union for the school employees from RCSC and surrounding communities. For years they have been saying a branch was coming to Rensselaer. July 6 it will. Currently the closest branch is in Wheatfield.

reMark said...

Modular worker is drilling holes for hurricane strapping to tie down the buildings when they are set.

30-year-refugee said...

i as sure the St. A's gym is a lot smaller than i remember it, but even in that picture it brought back vague memories.