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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas parade 2009

On Thursday, Dec 3, Rensselaer saw the annual Christmas parade. It was not much different from the parade in 2008.

It was already below freezing when the parade passed by. By Friday morning temperatures were in the 21-22 degree range, which qualifies as a hard freeze. It was the first one of the winter, so most garden should not be finished.

It is fun to watch the kids who watch the parade. Many seem to be more interested in the candy that gets tossed out than in the units that are in the parade. Some boys near where I was were quite excited by the hot-dog gummy candies that the Dog House float dispensed. Most of the candy, though, was starlight mints.

The little train was cute. I am not sure who sponsored it. The radio station was announcing floats down the block, but I was like the kids, not paying much attention.

There were no big horses in the parade, but only little horses such as this one pulling a wagon that is supposed to look like a sled.
At the end of the parade Santa was being pulled in his sleigh by four tiny reindeer horses.
As always, the court house looked beautiful illuminated and with its strings of lights going up to the flagpole.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. The santa in front of our beautiful courthouse is my fav.