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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More snow

We have not gotten the big snows that other places have gotten, but we have gotten a series of little snows that keep the landscape mostly white. Last night we got another couple inches of snow. It seems to be a bit wet, so maybe by the end of the day there will be snowmen decorating lawns. Now it is decorating cars.

It is also decorating the trees. These trees at Browns come pre-decorated. Just keep them well below freezing and you do not have to do anything else to them to make them look festive.
Everything at Brookside Park looks wintry. The snow has not affected highway traffic, though the city streets are slick.

A little snow has not slowed construction at Countryside.
None of the snow on these roofs is melting, which means either they are well insulated or it is quite cold.
A little more than a year ago we had the great ice storm of 2008. It was a lot prettier than our current snow, but it was also tremendously destructive. I like the little snows better.

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