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Friday, February 12, 2010

Coming emptiness--updated

Passing through downtown this morning, I noticed a couple of new "For Rent" signs. The first was in the window of Land Surveying Services, which is two or three doors down the street from Clauss Bakery. I do not know what the story is here. (Update--see the first comment.)
A bit further down the block, there is a For Rent sign in window of Sister Act beauty salon. I had heard that they were planning to move to the Laundry Room building on Drexel Drive.
I do not recall the For-Sale sign in the Old Horton Building. Is that new?

Update: I found the picture below that I took about a week earlier. So the For-Sale sign is very recent.
(Yes, I do take a lot of pictures.)


Anonymous said...

Jasper County Land Surveying Services is owned by Michael G. Kingman. He has been in business for 31 years and still in business. The 'For Rent' sign is for the 1200 sq ft for the front office space currently rented by the Executor. This space will be available March 1st - contact Michael G. Kingman at 866-2101 for details if interested in renting this space.

Anonymous said...

I still feel sad when I see empty store fronts in Rensselaer or anywhere in fact.