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Monday, February 8, 2010

End of the rainbow?

Rainbow International of Rensselaer seems to be closed. There is a For-Sale sign in the window, and the building is empty. The business is still on the Internet, but perhaps not for long,
Speaking of rainbows, can you see a faint rainbow in the picture below? It is a special rainbow, called a moonbow. I took the picture at night with a 15 second exposure, with 1600 ISO film speed and the aperture as open as it would go. In the moonlight it was a faint trail of light that one would never notice if not searching for it. (If you are having problems finding it, it starts in the middle of the picture near the person with the light green coat and then arcs up to the left.)

It was not anywhere near Rensselaer, but in Kentucky, where I have relatives. (Does having relatives in Kentucky make one more of a true Rensselaerian than if one does not have relatives in Kentucky?)
The picture was taken a day or so after the full moon at Cumberland Falls near Corbin, Kentucky. To see it requires a very clear night and a full moon or almost a full moon. The moonbow is visible for a couple hours after moonrise.

If I had a bucket list, I could check this one off.

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g said...

The moonbow was truly awesome. Check out the site for more pix. Thanks, Mary, for a Kentucky adventure that I won't forget.