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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I missed "drive your tractor to school day"

Today's Rensselaer Republican had pictures of tractors driven to Rensselaer Central High School this past Monday, part of Drive Your Tractor to School Day. I wanted to catch that, but the high school does a lousy job of publicizing what is going on there. Last time I looked, they did not have a decent calendar on their website.

On a distantly related topic, I have put a blog list on the side that gives updates from several blogs that have at least some tiny connection to Rensselaer. Do you know of any others that are in the area that you would like to see on the list?

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Anonymous said...

The RCHS Calendar list FFA Week

It does not however, list the specific events for the week. The petting zoo, I believe, is Thursday.