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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow returns

We awoke this morning to several inches of new snow, but the weather and the roads were not as bad (yet?) as some people had feared. The side roads still had lots of snow on them, perhaps causing some delays. However, Amtrak was early.
Last week the snow was melting and the fields were reappearing as the picture below, taken Friday morning (Feb 5), shows. We had some light snow over the weekend that did not change the scene much because the wind blew the snow from the fields.
But the three or four inches of snow this morning had covered most of the bare field. Both of these pictures were from Matheson Street looking northwest.
Click the pictures for a better view.

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Anonymous said...

You are welcome to do many snow pictures, and then when spring comes you may post all of the pretty shots of lovely things spring brings.