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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stained Glass windows at Trinity United Methodist

The Trinity United Methodist Church has some very pretty stained glass windows. Normally you view stained glass windows from the inside, but these looked very nice from the outside.
The window above and the window below are almost the same, but not quite. Can you see the differences?
 The dedication on the window is for Mary Delamer something Monnett. That does not seem to be the same Monnett who founded the Monnett School for Girls, who was Cordelia.
I suspect that these windows are meant to be more than decorative, that there is supposed to be some symbolism in the designs. But interpreting symbolism has never been something I have been good at. (There is a reason that I avoided literature classes.) I looked to see if there was any information about these windows on the website of the church, but I could not find any.
The window below is one of three on the southeast side.
Even the smaller windows have interesting designs.

This little window is high on the front of the building.


Anonymous said...

You can never had enough pictures of stained glass windows. This was nice.

Laura Goff Parham said...

Those are beautiful Victorian stained glass windows. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Laura Goff Parham
State of the Art, Inc.
Stained Glass Studio