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Monday, February 1, 2010

What would you do?

On Saturday I was passing through the parking lot of one of the strip malls and I spotted what looked like a credit card on the ground. I picked it up and found it was a pre-paid gift card from one of the companies that issues credit cards. It did not have any name on it--it was a prepaid gift card. It did have a web address on which the balance could be checked. When I got home, I checked it, expecting it to be zero, and found it was not zero. So it was not discarded because it was used up. Rather it seems that someone lost it.

I am not aware of any way of determining the owner of the card. What would you do with it?

(If anyone has lost this card and can convince me that it is yours by providing info on the balance, when it was purchased, from whom it was purchased, and if possible the card number, you can have it back.)

On a somewhat related note, a few months ago I found a credit card at next to a gas pump at the Family Express. I took it inside and gave it to the cashier, who told me she would contact the owner, whose name was on it. Did I do the right thing in this case? Why should I have trusted the cashier to contact the owner? What would you have done?


reMark said...

Check the card balance, but stay on the line or press 0 to eventually get to a real person. They may be able to track the location it was purchased at. Or you could donate it to the Cheyenne Running Club's found money fund. While running, any money found on the road goes in a fund. When we have enough, we are hoping to go to Busy Bee!

As far as the credit card by the gas station. Knowing you, I would have rather YOU kept the card and contacted the owner of the card. I know too many people who's credit cards have been used for malice without their consent.

Anonymous said...

my wife recently lost here wallet while driving home and an unemployed vet. found it and called us to come and pick it up. Thank God there are still honest people in the world. He was given a good reward for his honesty.

Anonymous said...

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