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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going to church United in Morocco

(I thought it would be interesting to use Sundays to focus on Rensselaer area churches and to see how many Sundays I can go before I run out of material. Indiana is richly endowed with religious denominations, with influences from North and South, East and West. This is part of that series of posts.)

The United Church of Morocco is located at College and Main in Morocco. It is not listed in the "Church Services Directory" of the Rensselaer Republican, and it does not seem to have a website other than a Facebook page, which says that their worship hour on Sundays is at 10 a.m. and that they have Sunday School at 9. I did not find the name of the pastor.
An explanation of the name of the church is given on one of  their Facebook pages:
The United Church of Morocco is truly a church that is bound together with the love of Christ and one another. It began in 1971 as a union of the believers of the Morocco Baptist Church (American Baptist) and the Morocco Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Today, though both denominations are equally supported through mission funds, it is difficult to identify any denominationalism within the United Church family. As a result of this unusual combination of differing backgrounds, a unity of the Spirit exists that is difficult to find anywhere in the churches of today.
They are listed as an American Baptist church using the Find-a-church search at the American Baptist site. Wikipedia has information about this denomination, a denomination I do not recall meeting previously in previous Sunday postings. In Indiana, Franklin College has its origins in this denomination.  We have met the Disciples of Christ; they are the denomination of the First Christian Church in Rensselaer. However, searching the denominations website for local churches does not return the United Church of Morocco.
Morocco has an United Church that combines two separate denominations, and two separate congregations of the United Methodists. It clearly is an interesting town from the point of view of religion.

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