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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pics from Little 5

Saturday, April 17, was the day for the annual Little 500 go-cart race at Saint Joseph's College. It was a beautiful spring day and a lot of people took advantage of the nice weather to watch the race.
Little 5 is more than a race, however. It has other events during the weekend. On the mall of the dormitories a inflatable obstacle course provided fun for children.
Both children and college students enjoyed the climbing wall, especially if they could get to the top.
Laird's Therapy Dogs were there. They were giving cart rides to kids--the dogs were pulling the cart.
A stage was set up for a concert in the evening.
Events this year were mostly similar to the events last year.

Update: Results

Alumni Race
1 Craige Phipps       
2 Mike Stader
3 Jon Messman
4 Ron Kasparian
5 Brian Bugajski
6 Jason Ostrowski
7 Tom Messman Jr

Student Race
1 Jerome Kotel
2 Travis Kepner
3 James Winter
4 Justin Bach
5 Morgan Myers
6 Dan Rogers
7 Mary Kate Kenney
8 Josh Rowland
9 Phil Rabenstein
10 Ben Geels
11 Matt Schumacher

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