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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Downtown odds and ends

The Smallest Art Gallery in Indiana at 102 W. Washington Street has a picture by Doris Myers that was the cover picture of the brochure for the recent NICHES art show held in Lafayette. The show ended May 9.
That was the happy news. A couple of doors down is the sad news. The store that was once Bags, Bangles, & Baskets is again empty and for rent. They had opened last July.

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Michael J Oakes said...

There must be some good research opportunity concerning the number and type of businesses that open and close in a small town like Rensselaer. How many of them actually have business plans - even informal ones? What percentage of these entrepreneurs (?) sketch out some proformas to see what is needed the make an operating profit? (What percentage even know that it is possible to create proformas?) What kinds of advice do the owners/managers seek prior to making the go decision?