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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shopping at the Willow Switch

Last fall Willow Switch opened downtown on Washington Street next to Steffen's Jewelry. I finally got around to stopping in to take some pictures and see how things were going.
Willow Switch is hard to define. It features a lot of home decorating ideas, but it could also be considered something of a gift shop. The front window promises home decor, gifts, and books, Plus it has a coffee bar.
Patrons can, if the wish, sit up in the balcony and watch over the store.
This location was once Grants Fashion. When Grants sold it, it became The Fashion. It was briefly a bridal shop, and for several years it was Stephanie's Interiors. Most recently it was an art gallery and home to the Chamber of Commerce. It still seems to be concerned with fashion, art, and interior design.
Willow Switch has a Facebook page. I asked Mrs. Fleming why she set it up as she did (it is set up as a regular page rather than as a fan or business page), and she admitted that she was a Facebook novice. I can relate to that. She currently has almost 260 friends on Facebook and seems to be using it well as a promotional device.
I would have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee except that I never learned to like coffee. I did enjoy talking about Rensselaer, though. Mrs Fleming wishes the downtown were more vibrant and had more little shops. Her little shop certainly contributes to the downtown.
It is a fun place to browse. Where else in Rensselaer do you find deer antler lamps and candlestick holders so artfully displayed?
Mrs Fleming and her husband own the building. They refinished the two apartments in the upstairs, which are occupied.

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Anonymous said...

This is a real winner for downtown Rensselaer. The owners and staff are friendly, and the business is charming. You should try the tea if you are not a coffee drinker. Our business owners do care about our Rensselaer.