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Saturday, May 15, 2010

An upcoming auction worth mentioning

Every once in a while there is an auction in the area that is extraordinary. A few years ago there was an auction of the furniture, oriental rugs, and a huge collection of Japanese and Chinese art from a woman from Morocco at the Fairgrounds. A lot of the stuff was bought by dealers and often for prices that were very low.

I noticed another auction coming up that may rival that one. It will be in Delphi on May 21 and May 22. On May 21 the collection of old money of the late Juanita Waugh will be for sale. If will feature things like $1000 bills--24 of them. On the May 22 her antiques and furniture will sell, including a 1949 Ford F-1 pickup truck with 46000 miles, paintings, furniture, and over 20 handwoven oriental rugs.

The listings are here and here. The auctioneer's website is here, and right now some pictures are here and here, but they may move.

Juanita Waugh was from Brookston. She does have a connection to Rensselaer, but this is not the right time to mention it.

(Update: I fixed the links.)

Update 2: Her link to Rensselaer is revealed here. From what I have heard, the proceeds from this auction will not go to SJC but to the Mayo Clinic.


Jodi said...

The links to the items don't seem to be working, but you can view it all at the auction website. Some amazing things will be up for sale!

Sarah said...

Can we send you a wish list?