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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping for a wedding at Gatherings

A few days ago I noticed changes in the empty building next to Lafayette Bank and Trust. It is the winter showroom for Gatherings, Social Decor Rentals and Event Design Service.
This is not really a new store. It is a temporary store, and will only be there until the end of March. It is not open daily because the owner works during the week at another job. It is open on Saturdays, and on Sunday, February 21, there will be an open house or showcase from 12:-3:30 central time. Below are some pictures of what you will see if you attend.
I do not often attend parties or special events, and I give very little thought to what goes into planning one of them. It makes sense that many people would not have the decorations needed for a once-in-a-lifetime event, and would not want to buy them. Hence, the role of the wedding planner and the social decor rentals.
These are not real cakes, but models. In fact, some people getting married use the models, and put a small cake on top for the ceremonial cake cutting. Then they serve the guests from sheet cakes. (After watching on TV how they make the fancy cakes, I would prefer to eat the sheet cakes rather than the highly decorated ones.)
I asked where all this stuff goes at the end of March when she will leave this space. She said she has storage lockers for her supplies. However, some things, such as folding chairs, are provided by others such as Big Dog Rentals.
I asked if the party and wedding business was suffering from the depressed economic conditions and she said that it was not, though she had expected it to be. Perhaps it is because people plan many of these events long in advance (she said she has already booked five weddings for 2011), and perhaps it is because people consider wedding receptions necessities rather than luxuries.
I thought the large flower vases were impressive. They are not the sort of thing that most people own.
Sometimes people want a special wedding chapel for the wedding, and she can provide that as well. Below is a mock-up for those who want an altar without a church.
If you are getting married anytime soon, or you are throwing any kind of big party, or you enjoy looking at elegant decorations, mark you calendars for Sunday, Feb 21.

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