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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going, going....

There has not been a lot of construction in Rensselaer lately, but I have noticed some destruction. A trailer is missing just south of the Airport Road entrance to the fairgrounds. It was there a few weeks ago.
A few years ago at least one other trailer was in this area.

Near the five corners by the Nazarene Church is a house that burned a week or two ago. My non-expert diagnosis is that it is a total loss.
On Rachel Street across from the city water tower an old house is being demolished.
I have not seen the people doing the work, but they are making progress, as this second pictures shows.
I think the address on this place was 120 S Rachel. That address is listed in the Jasper County Interim Report: Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory as an upright and wing, c. 1905.

Along the same lines, Healthy Families will soon move from their offices on Front Street. Budget cuts are forcing the office closing, but the agency will remain. It just will not have a Rensselaer office.

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