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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kiddie fun at Fair Oaks Farms

A few weeks ago I stopped by the Fair Oaks Farms for one of their excellent though pricey ice cream cones. It was near closing time, and there was not a lot going on. The cheese room was empty.
The restaurant area had only the workers.
After I got my cone, I decided to see what was new outside since the last time I was there. One thing new was the Green Gate Garden. (I cannot get the video to play--it says that it is private and will not show it to me.)
I bet not many of the visitors would know what this plant is. Of course, they would expect it at Rose Acre Farms, not at Fair Oaks Farms.
The garden contains a mix of flowers and vegetables. It is not the sort of garden a person would plant, but it is meant for "edutainment."
(I did not see any milkweed there--shouldn't that be included?)

In front of the garden is a play area for kids. The big milk bottle is a climbing wall, and behind that is a "pillow" that you can jump on provided you have a wrist band. (There was a guy in a life-guard chair watching things, so people like me could not sneak onto the equipment.)
The train was closed. Small trains like this one were once manufactured in Rensselaer and it is the dream of several people to find one and bring it back to Rensselaer. I wonder where this one was make. Probably China.
If my grandson came to this area in which kids get to drive tractors, he would never want to leave.
Did you notice the shape of the lights in the picture above? Is there any significance to it?

Another attraction is a maze. Again, a wrist band is required.
There is one attraction that does not seem to require a wrist band, a tractor slide donated by Newton County's Colfax Township. I wonder what the story behind this is.
Some day I will have an appropriately-aged small companion and I will pay to do the whole experience. There should be multiple blog posts in that.

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Desert Survivor said...

Uh oh, your grandson read this blog with me and now has some ideas...