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Friday, September 3, 2010

New owners--Strack and Van Til

County Market is under new ownership and is now part of Strack and Van Til. The store was closed on Wednesday as they were making the transition inside. On Thursday they were making the transition outside, replacing the old County Market sign with a new Strack and Van Til sign

When I was there, the sign for the entrance was still on the trailer. It may be up by the time you read this.
They will switch some of the product lines they carry, but I do not know what else this change in ownership means. Do you have any predictions?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully better prices!!!!!! County Market was expensive.

Anonymous said...

You are quick observer. Thanks for the view.

Anonymous said...

Prices will be higher, lines will be longer, and on weekdays seniors will still rule the aisles!