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Friday, December 3, 2010

Horses. And sheep

I was able to get downtown last night to see the Christmas parade. It had horses! (I complained about the lack of horses in some previous parades.) It is hard to get good pictures in the low light--can you tell which horse was standing still in the picture below?
Santa was there being pulled by his four tiny horses, just like in the Night Before Christmas poem.
The REMC float was full of light, so the picture came out. The theme of the parade was "Letters to Santa."
For a video of the parade, check out Little Indiana's post on the parade.

Also downtown was a living nativity put on by the United Methodists. They said that they got a lot more people to stop and look at their display by doing with the Christmas parade.
I was not the only one taking pictures of the three wise guys.
There were some angels and a shepherd. I do not think that the story came out as well this year as it did in the old location.
The sheep attracted more interest from the little kids than anything else there.


flatbow said...

"The three wise guys." love it.

We had our Christmas parade Friday night. It was rather long. My favorite float was the "National lampoons Christmas Vacation" themed one with cousin Eddie, in a bathrobe, "smoking" a cigar while emptying the contents of his RV's septic tank into the storm sewer.

Anonymous said...

Rensselaer's Christmas parade was very, very nice, and just the right length on a cold, cold night. It was really charming.