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Monday, January 10, 2011

Empty Office

In late December I mentioned that Birthright was moving from above the now-empty J&L Antiques and Things store to the office building between Larry's Shoe Repair and the city parking lot (that used to be Glazebrook Park). The bulk of the move took place on January 2 with about twenty people helping and took about an hour. However, the preparation for the move took a couple of weeks, and that is why the move of January 2 was only took about an hour.

Below are some after-the-move pictures. The first is of the office. The window at the right overlooks the staircase. My guess is that it was there to provide light to the stairwell.
A bit of office furniture was left behind because it was not needed. The picture below is of the same room, but taken from a different angle.
This was the room with the white wicker chairs.
This is room 8. It had maternity clothes and some other items for people who needed them.
In December we saw the door but did not go beyond it.
The mystery room (which was used for storage) has drapes that date back to the time when Murray owned the building.
Another door, but this one is locked. It would probably lead into the old photographer's office.
The locked door had some interesting decoration. It is the only door in the complex of rooms that has this decoration.
I doubt if this thermostat did anything. It was in the room that has no number next to the first room, the room that was used as an office.
At the bottom of the stairs there are still names of former tenants. Frank Fischer had an office there for many years.
Even after Murray's Department Store closed, Murray kept ownership of the building and had an office on the second floor. (It was the empty office from the December post.)
Who knows what or who will be in this building in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour. You know more about local buildings than some of those who grew up here.