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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slated for demolition

Demolition has started on the house on Susan and Weston that burned a few months ago.
The Rensselaer Republican mentioned yesterday that the city had purchased the house north of the power plant and it was slated for demolition. It is fenced off and there is a demolition permit in the window. The homeowner next to this house wants the city to purchase his house too. I thought that was a bit strange until I noticed that he has a for-sale sign in front.
There is some construction. I stopped by to see what was happening at the train station. They were pouring rock fill into forms, and there was a lot of steel re-enforcing rod being assembled. I still cannot visualize what this will look like when it is completed.

It is rather sad that there seems to be more demolition to report than construction.

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