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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Facebook news

There is a variety of news that I only get from Facebook. For example, Wolcott is finally going to get the highway paved. US 24/231 has been undergoing construction since last fall. (If I did a Wolcott Adventures blog, I would have had a lot of posts on the topic.)

Remington has been trying to get selected as the city with the most Indianapolis-500 spirited community, and has made the top ten. Now they need votes, which probably puts them at a disadvantage since there are bigger communities in the top ten, and the winner is selected by how many votes are cast for it.

Morocco Times had some pictures of a poster for the Snowmobile Museum. (If you read this blog faithfully, you should know that Morocco has a snowmobile museum.)

Business Studies at Saint Joseph's College had the very sad news that one of the faculty members died.

Free movies are back at Fountain Stone Theaters this summer. The free movies are kid-friendly.

Jasper County Farm Bureau had planting statistics. Corn planted in Indiana went from 4% to 29% last week, but a year ago it was 85%. Soybeans went from 1% to 4%, but last year it was 67%. The wet weather has put the farmers way behind.

The Rensselaer Adventures Facebook page now has 264 likes. I am trying to supply links to all the posts on the blog, so if you need a reminder to read the blog, you might add your name to those who like Rensselaer Adventures.

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