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Friday, May 27, 2011

Just one more (maybe)

I know I said that I was done with the tornadoes, but how often do we have them in the area? And I wrote the title to that post before I realized that there had been a second tornado just to the west of Rensselaer. How could I ignore it, especially since I needed to get out and get some exercise this afternoon?

The second tornado started near the Interstate, and the report in the Rensselaer Republican said its origin was in Memory Gardens. I looked around a bit before I found one tree that had been damaged.
The twister then crossed SR 114 and headed for a house. From the distance I could see a large tree branch that had been snapped.
After that house, it was open fields until it hit the line of trees along the road to the Old Settler's/ Makeever Cemetery. It tore up three of the small trees and tossed them on the road. They had already been cleared from the road, but the debris was still there.
It then crossed County Road 400S and apparently pushed one of the electrical poles from its vertical stand. A crew from REMC was there this afternoon pushing it back to vertical. I asked if it was caused by the tornado, and the guy I asked did not know, but said it was some kind of wind. Since it was on the path, I think we can assume it was tornado related.
After crossing the road, it was in open fields. There is a tree line in the distance, but I could not see any obvious destruction along it. In fact I could find no other signs of storm damage. Chad's Weather blog had this one traveling up to 300S, while the Rensselear Republican reported it only went to 400S. My observations support the Rensselaer Republican.

If all tornadoes only did as little damage as this one, we would not worry much about them.

Here is an article about the outbreak in the Post Tribune.

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Anonymous said...

i sure hope they cut down that tree in the first picture. it is U-G-L-Y!! thanks for the shots! so happy no one was injured.