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Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember--Tuesday is Primary Election Day

It was a busy weekend with a plethora of events. On Saturday I spent an hour looking at garage sales even though I need to get rid of stuff, not add stuff. I did not see anything that tempted me. One of the most interesting sites was in the building that will become Embers, an event hall. They were selling some of the stuff that was left in the building.
I thought there were fewer sales this year and that the sales had less non-clothing stuff. Some of the had a tremendous amount of clothing. The most expensive item I saw for sale was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for $15000. If you enjoy town-wide yard sales, you are in luck. There will be another in September.

On Saturday the Firemen's dinner was well attended. My neighbor was selling tickets and told me that he has six little bunnies in his back yard. That probably means that I will have at least one resident bunny living in my garden this summer. I prefer toads.

I noticed the plaque (is that the right thing to call this?) on the building. The firehouse was completed after I arrived in Rensselaer, though I was not paying attention to things like this at the time. I do not remember there ever not being a fire station at that corner, but native Rensselaerians my age remember events in the old armory at the site. I do recognize some of the names on the plaque.
Another dinner on Sunday was sponsored by the Veteran's of Foreign Wars as their way of celebrating Loyalty Day. I have to admit that I had not previously heard of Loyalty Day, or if I had, I do not remember it. It is part of the fight to control May Day. The Red Cross had their bloodmobile at the VFW hall. (It does not look like it is the same blood mobile that was in this post.)
Birthright had an Open House on Sunday and one of these days I will post some pictures of their new quarters. On Thursday the Chamber of Commerce will have their open house to show people their new office. They are in the same building as Birthright, but in the back.

Finally, SJC is finishing the school year with final exams this week. They had a bunch of events over the weekend, some of which I attended in the past. This year the only one I went to was the final choir concert. Next weekend is graduation--maybe I will go out and congratulate some of the graduates I know. And laugh at the faculty who have to wear the awful academic garb--I always hated wearing it.

Tomorrow is primary election day--vote if you have been paying attention, but if you have not been, stay at home. After Tuesday most of the political signs that are everywhere in town should disappear for the summer, to reappear in the fall before the municipal elections on November 8. The most interesting event of the week appears to be the river float scheduled for next weekend. Unfortunately I have another commitment at the time, so I will miss it.

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