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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After a couple of chilly days, summer seems to have arrived. Memorial Day is one of the semi-official markers for the beginning of summer, and Rensselaer had its traditional memorial day commemoration in Weston Cemetery on Monday. Speakers were Robert Monfort, Mayor Arihood, and Fr. William Stang. There was a good attendance on a warm, sunny day.
I took the picture below on Sunday evening as yet another batch of storms moved through. The only reason I am posting it is that it turned out very well for cloud pictures.
Another marker for the beginning of summer is the end of school. Rensselaer Central High School had its graduation on Sunday, but today, Tuesday, is the last day of school. St. Augustine's students spent most of the day in the park where the big kids (fourth and fifth graders) had a ride-your-bike-to-the-park day.
I am not sure what the object of this activity was, but the kids were having a lot of fun.
And then it was lunch time. The students did not require much encouragement to stop playing and line up in the lunch line.
The pool at the park is still without water although it was scheduled to be filled today. The problem is that the park workers need to clean the pool before they fill it, but the pool drains into Brookside creek and the level of the creek is now above the bottom of the pool. So they cannot drain the water used to clean the pool.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic cloud shot!

Hannah said...

I hope the pool gets filled quick! I'm ready to swim!!!