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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun, wind, water and rain (updated)

Did the first annual Iroquois River float float, or did the event get postponed? If it took place, how was it?

I was out of town for much of the day, getting back just after the afternoon thunderstorm passed. It was quite scenic viewed from Newton County.
A new wind farm, the Settlers' Trail Wind Farm, is being planted to the west of the four already in White and Benton Counties and just south of Sheldon, Illinois.

I see from a Facebook friend that Benton County High School did well in the Academic Superbowl competition. I have not found results to link to, but I will if I find them.

Update: Results are here:

Schools are divided into four classes based on size, with class 1 being the largest and class 4 the smallest. There are six areas in which they were competing: English, Science, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Interdisciplinary. The top 3 finishers are indicated, with the other state finalists listed but not ordered. Here are some of the area results:

Twin Lakes tied for first place in Interdisciplinary, class 2
Benton Central was first in Social Science and a finalist in Science, class 3
North Judson was second in Science and a finalist in Fine Arts, class 3
Rensselaer was a finalist in Fine Arts and Mathematics, class 3
North Newton was a finalist in Fine Arts, class 3
North White tied for first place in the English competition, was second in Fine Arts, and was a finalist in Social Studies, class 4
Pioneer HS was a finalist in Science, class 4

From the comments, we learn that Rensselaer was fourth in both of its competitions.

Congratulations to all the teams that made it to state, and extra congratulations to those that won. I am impressed with North White's results.

Update 2: Traveling a couple hundred miles through prime corn belt farmland, I saw very little activity in the fields and few fields that appeared to be planted. I saw no corn emerging. The wet weather has delayed planting in our area.


Anonymous said...

I saw in the Lafayette paper that it was postponed for a couple of weeks.

Harrison said...
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reMark said...

Rensselaer finished 4th in Mathematics and Fine Arts. They have had a great Academic Team season qualifying for state in Super Bowl, Science Olympiad, and Academic Decathlon.