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Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday adventures

Saturday was the JC Cruiser Car Show and Cruise Night. The car show seemed to be smaller this year than it has been for the past several years. There was one lane available for vehicles that was empty.
I have not found the JC Cruisers on the web, but recently I did find Mustang Roundup on Facebook. Not too many other people seem to have found it--it has only 19 likes.

Saturday was also the day for the Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in at the Jasper County Airport. I got there a bit late and most of the planes had already left.
The event that draws by far the largest number of participants and observers is Cruise Night. The new Jasper County Fair Queen was one of the participants. (I thought the queen always travels in a pack of three. Where was the third one?)
Cruise Night would not be complete without the Scot Rod.
There is always an interesting assortment of vehicles in this very strange civic celebration. I doubt that this was the original color of this vehicle.
There were several low riders. This one was challenged to see how low he could go. (Is there any practical purpose to having a car that can do this?)
There was a large and diverse assortment of vehicles on parade. Some of them were quite loud. The ones I found the most objectionable were the ones that could send out large clouds of black, smelly smoke. What is the point in being able to do that?
What is your reaction to Cruise Night?


Anonymous said...

The only thing they do when they spin there tires enough to make black greatly shorten the life of their tires.

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good show until the fight by Pizza Hut!