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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A busy Saturday 2

This is the second part of post on last Saturday. The first part was posted yesterday.

Getting back from the airport and fairgrounds, I stopped by the car show and talked to some of the vendors who had their booths along the path behind the softball field. In front was a large display but I never did get to talk to the lady who put it out. Behind her was Leisa Donnelly who had operated Bags, Bangles and Baskets. She said that she is considering re-opening, but in a different location. Dee from Dee's Custom Art was there, as well as a booth raising money for the Little Cousin Jasper Festival. Even after they explained it to me, I still do not understand that an event that is supposed to be a fund raiser needs to raise funds.
I wanted to find some aspect of the car show that was different from what was in the post last year but never did find it. Below is the interior of the oldest car that I found there. It does not have much on the dashboard, does it?
Below is the exterior. I think this one was over a century old.
After viewing the cars, I made a quick stop at the public library to see if a bicyclist who was scheduled would be there. He was not, and I learned later looking at this blog that he decided to spend his rest day in Mexico (Indiana).

By the time for cruising arrived, I was tired so I got there as the sun was getting ready to set. The crowd was at least as interesting as what was on the street. Some people had a wonderful vantage point from above the Willow Switch.
These two guys in the truck parked near Pizza King could have been in the traffic.
In front of Monnett School, the police, who were out in force, pulled over one of the participants for something.
South of the bowing alley this group of people found a comfortable spot and got to watch several low-rider trucks scrape their bottoms on the pavement. Why you would want a vehicle to do that is a complete mystery to me.
Busy Bee was busy--they had a long waiting line of eager customers.
I wonder how many people noticed that we had a beautiful sunset on Saturday.

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