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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I had not taken pictures of the many Halloween decorations around town until I saw this one, which seemed to be just right for today's post. The house is listed as the David Nowells House in the Jasper County Interim Report: Indiana Historic Sites and Structure Inventory. It was built around 1890 and is in the Queen Anne style.
Another house I noticed last week is on Thompson and is getting a pitched roof. This house was on a open house tour last May and the reaction from those who saw it was that it needed major renovation despite being fairly new. It had a flat roof and had suffered considerable water damage from leakage. Flat roofs have proven to be a bad idea in Rensselear.
It appears that a second house near the power house met its demise last week. This week the dumpster, backhoe, and foundation are all that is left.
The trees are still very colorful. Rensselaer Urban Forestry Council is touting the seven or eight honey locust trees they planted in Milroy Park.
Next year they may drop enough leaves to require the services of the green machine that the city uses to vacuum leaves.

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