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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A weird window lock

Last weekend I went to the Building Trades open house on Saturday, but on Sunday there was another open house, this one provided by Landmark Realty. They had four houses open for viewing, two of them quite close to where I live. So I did what a lot of my neighbors did: I took a look at the houses. (I got to chat with quite a number of people I knew along the way--it was quite an interesting social event.)

Some houses are more interesting than others. The most interesting house on this tour of homes was a big 19th century home on the corner of Lincoln and College. I live in a house that is only a century old, and it is fun to compare what these houses have with what my house has or had.

One of the little things that attracted my attention were the window locks--I had never seen any like these before. Below is a picture of one locked.
And the next picture shows it open, so you can move the window sash.
Not all of these old locks were still in working order.

I like old houses because they have character, but my conclusion after viewing three of the four houses that were on this free tour of homes was that old houses are for young people. They require a lot of maintenance, or in the case of two of the houses I saw, a lot of restoration and repair. Young people are both willing and able to do a lot more of that work than most of us older people.


flatbow said...

It looks like those windows would have to be single hung, right? Can't imagine the upper sash being able to slide past the lower sash with that giant lock protruding like that.

Becca@Locksmith Adelaide said...
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