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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall guys (updated)

There are a lot of Autumn, Harvest, and Halloween decorations appearing around town. I thought this fall guy was one of the more aesthetically pleasing. It even has a bit old old iron fence, a topic on which I will someday write.
Another fall guy was hanging out in front of Sears with two similar friends. Last time I went by, they were gone. (Today Sears has a Grand Reopening, celebrating new owners.)
In the eastern part of Rensselaer I saw this funny guy sitting by a house He is more of a Halloween guy than a fall guy.
There was once a brash young man sitting in this chair in the western part of Rensselaer. He insulted an old lady who walked by and she turned him into a pumpkin. He actually looks better this way than what he used to look like.
People seem to enjoy decorating for fall and Halloween almost as much as they enjoy decorating for Christmas.

(About two weeks ago the leaves started turning color. Peak color seems to have occurred this past week when it was cloudy and rainy.)

Update: I stopped by Sears to see for their grand re-opening. The new owners live several blocks down the street from me and have owned it for about two months. There was a period in which Sears was managing the store before they were able to assume command. One interesting bit from the conversation: Sears sets all prices. The store own has no control over price. Is the the norm in franchising?

An now for something completely different. I noticed that the Morningsong Birdseed building had been unusually quiet for the past week or two. Today's Rensselaer Republican mentioned that the company is gone and that the Rensselaer City Gas utility would like to buy the building. Does anyone know what happened? Was it a result of the bad economy? Bird seed is one of those things that people might stop buying when money is tight.

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Anonymous said...

Let us know if you know what happen. That is too sad for Rensselaer.