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Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates and a bit more, 03-30-12

This morning park workers were doing some landscaping work around the new sidewalk to the Talbert Bridge. The concrete was poured yesterday.
The fountain in front of Halleck is no more. Now the mess must be cleaned up.
Also no more is the Sears store in the College Mall. The sign is gone.
The interior of the store shows no evidence that a week ago this was a Sears store. I guess someone forgot to turn out the lights when they left.
The Birthright rummage sale in the basement of St. Augustine's Church was still busy an hour and a half after it opened, but the frenzy of the first hour was gone. It will run until five (or is it six) today, and then from nine until noon tomorrow. People did not complain much about the rise in price from $2.00 a bag to $3.00 a bag. Tomorrow it is $1.00 for any sized bag.
There is a new art show in the Fendig gallery that will run until April 20. It highlights work by the senior art majors and faculty at Saint Joseph's College. The artists' reception is April 13.
This Sunday the SJC bands will hold their annual spring concert.

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