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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Title? (Updated)

What should I have called this post? I thought of "Getting high in Rensselaer" or "High in Rensselaer," but thought that might offend people. "High on Rensselaer" sounded like it was boosterism. "High over Rensselaer" is accurate, but not as much fun as the other two.
Work on the Court House roof has been scaled back and will probably stop today as the Little Cousin Jasper Festival gets set up. There was quite a bit of activity on the lawn today.

I noticed from Facebook that the Doghouse will be closing on September 15.

Busy Bee will close after this weekend, another indication the seasons are changing. Another indication--the LaRue Pool was emptied this morning. The water from the pool made Brookside Creek look like a creek again.

The Journey has ended--the storefront across Cullen from CVS is empty.

The workers are putting the wooden planks on the pedestrian bridge.

That's about it from where I sit.

Update: Fashion Bug was mentioned in the comments. Not only is the Rensselaer store closing, but the entire chain is being shuttered. You can read about the details here.


Anonymous said...

Is Fashion Bug closing? Signs along the east side of College Ave toward the Drexel Parkway seem to indicate liquidation.

Hannah said...

All fashion bug stores are closing from what I understand...the whole company is going under :( bummer! Oh and as for title maybe Brave/crazy in rensselaer!!! What a scary job!