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Friday, October 12, 2012

Construction update 10-12-12 (Updated)

It has been a rather slow week, a good week to clean up the garden and enjoy the color of the leaves. For lack of anything else to write about, here are some notes of on-going construction projects as well as a new one that I noticed.

The roof trusses were put into place this week on the Building Trades house on Vine Street. 
This morning a crane was lifting roof trusses into place on the new medical building on Drexel Drive. Work is also being on what will become the parking lot.
The roofing project at Donaldsons seems complete.

Pavers are being installed at the bowstring bridge approach. This was what the approach looked like a few days ago.
And below you can see what it looked like last night.
Apparently what was Austin Park is getting a new name: Pottawatomie Park. (I am not sure of the spelling.) A bit of background may be here.

The roofers at the Court House seem to be very busy. Right now there is a lot of white showing.
The Methodists may finally be constructing the parking lot that they planned when they tore down an old house. While I was there, the workers were busy getting the garage moved.
Remember the SJC hoophouse? It seems to be finished and there are greens growing in it, covered in the picture below to protect them from frost.
Update: I noticed something missing on the Court House on Saturday morning.
 The scaffolding around the tower has been removed.

The stairs from the trap door to the flag pole are very obvious. They may be necessary for safety, but they are ugly.

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