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Monday, October 1, 2012

News from downtown

This morning I noticed two interesting things in downtown Rensselaer. First, a sign in the building that formerly held Tucker Real Estate says that it will be a future office for H&R Block.
 Second, I noticed lights on in the building that formerly held the microfilm department for the county courts. I could not resist going in and finding out who was in there. It is an office for Gutwein seed corn, and there were three people there. The office is not the place that they use to sell corn--that is done by salesmen who visit the farmers. Rather they do the back-end work to make the whole process work. I was embarrassed to discover that they had been in the office since mid-June. I have gone by the building many times and never realized that they had moved in. Maybe that is an indication that I should quit blogging.
The store down the block next to the bakery opened last week, but it presently is open only Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It sells new things at a discount--sort of an Odd Lots type of business. I will have to stop by and learn more.

My former colleague in the economics department at SJC thought that April Fools Day came about six months late this year. I thought the water park for the Dairy Farm would be a great idea, but not as good as a casino with farm-themed gaming machines. Then three little pigs could be a winner.

Update: I finally checked my Rensselaer Adventures e-mail and found that I had a message from last Wednesday telling me that H&R Block was moving. Another message asked me to publicize the Fun Float on October 13. I added to the sidebar.

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