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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's tidbits 9-18-2012

The weather has turned cooler, and though the trees are still green, the fields are not. They look ready to harvest.
There is a chance of some patch frost this week. What a difference a month makes.

The building trades class from the high school has almost completed the foundation for this year's house. It looks like it will have a stoop space rather than a crawl space.
The monument that I mentioned in the last post has been installed at the south end of the Talbert Bridge.
There is a sign on the store that previously was Amy's Attic: "New Store Opening Soon." I could not tell from what was in the window what kind of store it will be.
The address on the door is 116. Above the door is an old address, 124. When did the addresses of the downtown stores change?

The bakery next door is open again after an gas explosion damaged the ovens and injured the baker.

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