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Friday, March 15, 2013

New at the high school

I stopped by the empty lot that used to be Monnett School today to see what was new. Yesterday I noticed that the workers were trucking in black topsoil, so the end of this project is near. Today one of the excavators, the one that the crew used to take down the structure, was gone. The one that is left is used to rip up the pad and load trucks.
 There is not much left to photograph.

Then I noticed that the module that had been to the east of the site was missing. I set off to the high school to see where it is now located. I found it on the southwest corner of the football/track complex. It seems this will be its permanent location because the fence had been taken out to move it in. I recall someone telling me that it would be used for athletic trainers.
I wonder if it will be painted red to match the other buildings.

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