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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Odds and Ends 03-23-2013

The annual Lions Club/Rensselaer Republican Easter Egg Hunt took place this afternoon. It was pretty much like events in past years. The kids (or their parents, for the little ones) clear the field in a matter of seconds. In the picture below, the little girl running toward the camera must have been told to get to the far end of the field, but when she got there, she just stood as kids picked up the eggs around her.
 This morning volunteers were laying out the community garden that is behind the Harvest Baptist Fellowship, or east of Hopkins Trucking. As part of the effort, they were making paths between plots and covering them with wood chips. There are still plots available. They cost $15 and you can find the address at the link above. On Good Friday they will have a planting ceremony at 3:00.
Tractor Supply began its Grand Opening this morning. If you were there early, you might have gotten a free Tractor Supply cap. The ribbon cutting took place on Thursday, March 21.
 In construction news, the workers have not done much this week at the Monnett site. Nothing is happening at the Farm Credit Services site. There has been a lot of dirt moved at the electrical substation site on North Melvillle, and also activity at the substation site near the power plant, but none of it is pictorially interesting. And at the depot site, after digging out the foundation of the old depot, a couple truckloads of coarse stone were put into the hole, then a truckload or two of somewhat finer stone that was tamped down. It appears that next week they may be working on forms for a concrete pour.
From the train station platform, you could see a new roof going up on the Harris Homes duplex that had a fire recently. Usually I saw the trusses lifted into place with a little crane, but these were being manually put in place.

Will Monday's post be about the snowstorm that hit us, or the snowstorm that missed us?

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